The Legend of Slottsfjellet: Chapter Five (Part 15)

Just starting? Be sure to check out The Legend of Slottsfjellet: Foreword and Disclaimer first, so you know what’s going on.

After working a while longer on the plans for the castle, Joe had gone to sleep on the cot. Karl Lund came to wake him in the morning. “Good morning, Mr. Stadtler. Breakfast is outside,” he said, and left without waiting.

Outside, Joe found the fare mostly the same as the previous morning. He watched for Marta as he stood eating, but didn’t see her anywhere. Finally, as he finished and was ready to go back to the trailer, he saw her coming toward him. She greeted him pleasantly.

“Hi, Joe. How are you this morning?”

“I feel great, thanks to you,” he said, rotating his shoulders. “Can I talk you into doing that again sometime?”

She laughed. “Of course. I’d love to.” Joe smiled, but said nothing further. After a couple of minutes of silence, Marta asked, “What’s on your mind, Joe?”

Joe looked at her thoughtfully, then asked slowly, “Did you lock me in last night?”

“Excuse me?”

“Last night, after you left, the door was locked. Did you lock the door to my trailer?”

“No. . .”

“Then who did?”

She answered without hesitation. “The doors to the trailers are set so that they lock automatically when they close, Joe. That’s why they gave us keys.”

“They didn’t give me a key.”

“I’m sure it was an oversight. You should ask Mr. Lund about it.”

Joe felt better. “I’ll do that.” Joe reminded himself that Marta knew as little as he did about the strange situation; it was a relief to think that she couldn’t be involved.

Marta smiled and moved to walk away. “I will see you later, Joe. I am supposed to meet with Mr. Lund.”

Joe watched her as she started off. “Hey, Marta?”

She stopped. “What is it?”

With as serious a tone as he could muster, Joe said, “Be careful.”

“What do you mean?” laughed Marta.

“I think there’s something more going on here than either one of us understands. Just be careful, okay?”

Marta’s smile became uncertain as she nodded. “Okay, Joe.” She then turned away, but looked back once as she walked off.

One comment on “The Legend of Slottsfjellet: Chapter Five (Part 15)

  1. What were they doing during the “couple minutes” of silence? Would “moments” work better?

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