Time For Excuses

Only my third daily write, and I already need to make excuses for why I am going to skip a day.

I have a cold. I am tired. And I am grumpy.

In the time it has taken me to write these first few words, I have sneezed—twice. My nose is stuffy and I am breathing through my mouth. My head is stuffy, too: it feels like I am trying to think through a swimming pool of asparagus Jell-O.

I hate asparagus Jell-O.

Yes, I know, you are pretty sure they don’t even make asparagus Jell-O, but let me assure you, it is disgusting and difficult to think through, whether it is a real thing or not.

If this cop-out really chaps your hide, try re-reading one of the daily write posts from the past two days, or check out The Legend of Slottsfjellet.

Be a Critic

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