The Legend of Slottsfjellet: Chapter Four (Part 10)

Just starting? Be sure to check out The Legend of Slottsfjellet: Foreword and Disclaimer first, so you know what’s going on.

Joe woke the next morning feeling sore but well-rested. He sat up and stretched his back. The cot hadn’t been very comfortable, but it was better than he had expected, and he had apparently needed the sleep more than he had realized. He stood and went to the door, then stopped as he remembered that he was locked in. Shaking his head, he cursed the situation and went to the window. Karl was coming toward the trailer, and Joe waited while Karl let himself in.

“Good morning, Mr. Stadtler,” he was greeted as the door opened. “Won’t you please come with me?”

Joe followed him without a word as they went outside, where he caught the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee. Others were coming outside; there were already almost twenty people gathered on the hill eating breakfast and chatting. Karl led him over to two tables where there were several coffeepots and an assortment of breads and cheeses. “Help yourself, Mr. Stadtler. Have all you want; there’s plenty,” said Karl, gesturing toward the tables. “But don’t take too long, because we’d like you to get started by eight o’clock. I’ll meet you in your trailer before you begin.” He left without giving Joe much of a chance to respond.

Joe shrugged and turned back to the tables. He picked up a foam cup and filled it with coffee. As he moved to look over the spread of food, he heard someone come up behind him.

“Good morning, Joe.” It was Marta.

“Oh, Hi, Marta. Can I, uh, get you some coffee?” She nodded, and Joe filled a cup and handed it to her. Sipping his own cup, he remarked, “This is really good stuff. I’ve never tasted Norwegian coffee before.”

“Actually, don’t tell Mr. Lund, but this blend is from Sweden. I prefer imported coffee.”

“I can understand that. This is good.”

“So, what is it that you’re doing here?” asked Marta after a moment’s pause.

“I have no idea,” Joe muttered.

“No, I mean, What are you building?”

“You don’t know either?” he asked incredulously.

“I haven’t been told much. I’m just here to help—but I don’t know what I’m helping with. I was only told that my knowledge of Norsk history and artifacts had been ‘highly recommended.'”

“Really? Same with me—they wanted me as an architect, but they wouldn’t tell me why. All I know for sure is that it’s supposed to be a castle.”

“A castle? Here? But why?”

“I’m not really sure. Like I said, I haven’t been told anything. I mostly just play prisoner and do what they tell me.”

“Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve been here for a week already, and I’ve done very little related to Norsk history. Like carrying food to people in their trailers. What does that have to do with anything I know? Of course,” she added with a smile, “I am glad that I brought your food.”

“Yeah…” They stood briefly in silence, then, to change the subject, he asked, “What time is it, anyway? I need to set my watch.”

She looked at her wrist. “It’s 7:53 exactly.”

“Okay… thanks,” he said as he turned the hands on his wristwatch. “I’d probably better be going. I’m supposed to meet Karl before eight. I guess I’ll see you later,” he suggested as he turned to leave.

“See you later, Joe,” called Marta after him.

5 comments on “The Legend of Slottsfjellet: Chapter Four (Part 10)

  1. Rossio says:

    Wouldn’t it sound better if you said “I am glad that I brought you your food?” You know seeing as she is being so correct in how she speaks with all the “I am” and “that,” It seems to me she would also want to throw in “you.”

  2. Rossio says:

    “Like carrying food to people in their trailers.” Is this one of those sentence fragments that I was reading about in Grammar Girl?

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